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Trialling Dexcom CGM

Since launching the Dexcom G4 PLATINUM continuous glucose monitor we’ve heard some great feedback from customers using this new technology and achieving positive outcomes.

Mike P, one of our South Australian customers writes:

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for letting me trial the new Dexcom G4 PLATINUM continuous glucose monitoring system.  I was originally apprehensive, having had type 1 diabetes for most of my life and consider myself to be extremely well controlled with an average HbA1c of 6.2%.

After wearing the sensor for 7 days I enjoyed the added security it offered me during playing tennis, dining out with my friends and driving. My job includes a lot of time on the road and with the new guidelines ‘don’t drive under 5’ I was able to keep an eye on my levels with ease. The main reason I felt the need to send you this letter is, I was shocked to see how unstable my blood glucose levels were at the times I did not expect it. I had been adjusting my 3am – 6am basal rates to bring down my fasting blood glucose levels for some time only to realise with the reports that I was compensating for a 12am – 3am hyperglycaemic event.  I have since addressed that issue and feel much better resulting in a better night’s sleep.

I found the reports and suggested action points extremely empowering, for years I have been waking up in the morning feeling tired. I can understand why when I look at the night time pattern that resembles a roller coaster ride.  I have also managed to adjust my insulin to carbohydrate ratio at meal times and adjusted my meal rise to tighten my meal time correction factor. 

I can only describe the Dexcom experience as my diabetes quickening! I did wonder when I first discussed it whether I could afford it! I have now realised that I can’t afford to not have it.”

Mike P (T1D 46 years) 

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