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Dexcom’s Role in Charlie’s Life

The impact CGM has had on the student athlete’s lifestyle

18-year-old sports enthusiast Charlie has lived with type 1 diabetes since he was 10 years old. Charlie, who just recently finished year 12, lives in Cummins, a small town north of Port Lincoln in South Australia. Charlie actively participates in his town’s cricket and football teams, and is generally heavily involved in sports.

“In October 2017 I turned 18, and the struggles with type 1 were a day to day issue. About 8 months ago I was lucky enough to hear about the Australian government’s fully subsidised CGM products.” Charlie decided to go with the Dexcom G5 Mobile, and hasn’t looked back since.

Charlie wearing his padded up Dexcom G5 Mobile Transmitter before a match, effectively protecting it from tackles and collisions.


“Our first wake up call was the first night after having the device attached to myself.” Charlie’s dad would normally wake up around 2:30 in the morning to check his blood glucose levels, but that night they were made aware that his lows had been happening much earlier. “The alarm on my phone went off at 12:30am, waking up the whole family to let us know that I was a 3.6! I would hate to think how many hypos I must’ve missed since I’ve been diagnosed.”

Charlie goes on to describe how other aspects of his life have now become easier too, since getting onto Dexcom G5 Mobile. “With little things such as driving a car, I can now check my phone first, and with one swipe I’ll know what my blood glucose reading is. Beforehand I’d constantly need to be pricking my finger.” “With my final exams at school I was able to see where my blood glucose levels were at the beginning, then hand my phone to the teachers who would monitor my levels throughout, allowing me to remain focused on my exams.”

Through the Dexcom G5 Follow App, his parents are now also able to stay informed about his blood glucose levels when he is away from home. This has proven vital to their reassurance on multiple occasions, allowing them to act as a second line of defence when Charlie is busy, or away from his phone, and unable to hear his alarms.

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