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Cherry White

Cherry's Journey with V-Go

For the last 8 years, Cherry has been living with type 2 diabetes. She has been managing her diabetes with multiple daily injections of insulin for the past 5 years. As her diabetes progressed, Cherry’s insulin regimen increased to injecting 5 times per day, in order to manage her blood glucose levels. During this time, she was stressed, hungry and gaining weight.

It was only until recently that Cherry started to use the V-Go® Insulin Patch Pump to manage her type 2 diabetes.

We sat down with Cherry to ask her about her experience with V-Go.

Q: Can you tell us about your journey with type 2 diabetes?

For me, being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes changed the way I live day to day. I became very anxious trying to manage my diabetes as I had to check my blood sugar levels up to 10 times a day. I particularly worried about night time hypos as my diabetes remained uncontrolled. I finally asked my diabetes educator about using an insulin pump and instead she suggested the V-Go Insulin Patch Pump for Type 2 Diabetes.

Cherry was first introduced to the V-Go Insulin Patch Pump for Type 2 Diabetes through her diabetes educator.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on V-Go?

I wanted to try something similar to an insulin pump to ease managing my diabetes, so when my diabetes educator suggested I trial V-Go, I couldn’t wait to get started! I thought V-Go was very small, easy to apply and discreet.

Q: And now having trialled V-Go, how are you finding it?

I think it’s fantastic! I’m so glad that this technology was developed as it’s so easy and comfortable to use. I am very grateful for this.

I wear it on my abdomen and it fits perfectly into my lifestyle as I can apply it in the morning after my shower. It helps me to manage my diabetes 24/7 – and I feel more in control with adjusting my mealtime insulin dose with just a few simple clicks. If I have a small snack, I may only click the bolus button once instead of twice – whereas previously I had a set insulin dose for every meal.

Cherry finds filling her V-Go Patch Pump with insulin easy.

Q: So you’ve noticed a big change before and after using V-Go?

Absolutely – it has changed me! I now have more energy and I do not feel anxious all the time. I’m also noticing I experience less night time hypos as it used to be up to 2 to 3 times a week. With V-Go, it’s easier for me to go out to dinner with my friends – I no longer have to leave the table and inject my insulin in the bathroom.

Q: What advice would you give to others looking into V-Go?

I would say if you are thinking about it, consider a trial. And after that, it only works out to be $8.33 per day and that is worth the peace of mind.

Editor note: Cherry wanted to share her experience with V-Go in order to highlight how it has given her greater peace of mind. Cherry knows with this technology, she can better control her diabetes, no longer from the bathroom but right at the dinner table. And not only is she feeling better, her friends say she looks better too!

Learn more about the V-Go Insulin Patch Pump for Type 2 Diabetes today! For more information about the no-obligation V-Go trial, please contact your healthcare professional.

Always read the label and use only as directed. Read the warnings available on before purchasing.

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Testimonial Disclosure
This testimonial relates to an individual’s response to treatment with our products and has been edited to ensure it is consistent with the products’ indication(s). The testimonial does not provide any indication, guide, warranty or guarantee as to the response other persons may have to the treatment. Responses to treatment with our products may differ. It is important to consider individual circumstances and consult with your healthcare professional before considering any changes to your diabetes management.
Important Risk Information
If regular adjustments or modifications to the basal rate of insulin are required in a 24-hour period, or if the amount of insulin used at mealtimes requires adjustments of less than 2-Unit increments, use of the V-Go Insulin Patch Pump may result in hypoglycaemia. V-Go is indicated for use with a U-100 fast acting insulin. The following conditions may occur during insulin therapy with V-Go: hypoglycaemia (low blood glucose) or hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose). Other adverse reactions that may be associated with V-Go use may include skin irritation from the adhesive pad or infections at the infusion site. V-Go should be removed before any magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) testing. If symptoms worsen, please contact your healthcare professional.

“It has changed me! I now have more energy and I do not feel anxious all the time. With V-Go, it’s easier for me to go out to dinner with my friends – I no longer have to leave the table and inject my insulin in the bathroom.”

Cherry's Journey with V-Go

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