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Dexcom G6 Clinical Papers

This document contains a list of Dexcom G6 Clinical papers.

Dexcom CGM DiaMonD Study Summary

The DiaMonD study provides evidence to challenge common misperceptions about CGM use in patients on MDI.

Dexcom CGM Comisair Study Summary

The Comisair study shows that CGM drives HbA1c reduction, despite the insulin delivery method.

Dexcom CGM HypoDE Study Summary

This study examines the impact of the Dexcom G5® Mobile CGM System use in patients on multiple daily injections (MDI) insulin therapy with a history of SH or IHA.


The PROLOG study evaluates the predictive low glucose suspend algorithm (PLGS), Basal-IQ™ technology.

Dexcom CGM Gold Study Summary

In addition to the DIaMonD study, the GOLD study presents convincing evidence of glycaemic improvements in patients on MDI therapy and is the first major study to show improvements in key quality of life measures.

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