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Pump start

Louise tells us about her experiences starting her son with autism on an insulin pump.

As the parent of a child with Autism and ADHD the thought of putting him on an insulin pump was extremely frightening, but a pump is what he wanted! So began my investigation into whether this was doable with his needs.

I contacted the insulin pump reps and explained the concerns I had and within a few days an AMSL Diabetes rep was at our house.

I expected the sales pitch but what I was greeted with was someone who had listened to my concerns and had pre thought out how we could use the pump’s features to ensure his safety. The rep got my son involved with the demonstration while she explained how we could set strict parameters such as maximum bolus in 2hr period, maximum daily dose, alarms etc. It became very clear to me that the Animas Vibe insulin pump would allow my son to be on the insulin pump he desperately wanted while giving Mum and Dad peace of mind that he would be safe.

Our experience so far has been fantastic. The pump has lived up to our expectations while keeping our son safe. Thanks Animas and AMSL Diabetes!

Kind Regards

Louise A

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