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Jesse Makes Hockey Nationals!

The twelve year old hockey player’s inspiring journey through the national championships in Perth.


Twelve-year-old hockey player, Jesse McGarvie, recently braved through two weeks of nationals in Perth, after being selected for his performances at the hockey state championships in July. Jesse was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just the age of seven, and while it has changed the way he and his family live their lives, he has taken it in his stride.

Jesse and his family overcame multiple hurdles during and leading up to the national championships, with trials in Newcastle placing a lot of mental, as well as physical stress on the young hockey player. Six hours of training during the try-outs were especially draining, and often required Jesse to face unfamiliar situations such as eating when he didn’t feel like it, just to keep his glucose and energy levels in check. It was difficult, especially for a twelve year old with such weight on his shoulders, but thanks to his parents and his own determination, Jesse pushed through, and found out three days later that he was off to Perth. Jesse and his family were ecstatic.

During their time in Perth, Jesse and his parents were on a learning curve. Tested by living away from home for two weeks, Jesse had to face counting carbs, hours of physical activity, and learning something new every day. Luckily, thanks to Jesse’s Animas Vibe Insulin Pump, he was able to manage his diabetes, while maintaining his focus on his training and the championships. “It definitely makes Jesse’s diabetes easier to manage, especially when he is playing sport”, says Jesse’s mum.

Jesse also got to meet Australian hockey champion, Troy Sutherland, in Perth. Troy also has type 1 diabetes and understands Jesse’s lifestyle all too well. Troy made the time to chat with him about all things hockey, supported him during his nervous moments and even gave Jesse some great advice to overcome his fears.

At the end of the event, Jesse’s family congratulated him for his absolute bravery throughout the two weeks, and can’t wait for next year’s try-outs.

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