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Samy Saad

Diabetes Division Manager

As the Diabetes Division Manager, Samy brings to the table 25 years of creative and strategic business skills, backed by being a medical practitioner in a previous life. This combination of skills allows Samy to advise and mentor our Diabetes Team in a way that ensures the best outcome for our clients. He is originally from Alexandria, Egypt and in his spare time enjoys reading and fishing, if he manages to catch something.

Leeane Beasley

National Sales Manager

Leeane joined us in 2007 from a nursing background (many moons ago); she is committed to ensuring the Diabetes Team have up to date information & training to equip them to deliver exceptional knowledge & provide outstanding service to our customers. When at home – in Perth, she loves a home-cooked meal enjoyed with her family and to partake in the friendly banter that goes with it.

Sarah Hough

Sales Manager NSW/ACT

Sarah is passionate about helping improve the lives of people with T1D through insulin pump therapy and CGM. Originally, studying medical science, Sarah now loves helping people with diabetes, their families and HCPs get the most out of medical technology. In her spare time Sarah likes to spend time with her family, play soccer and run!

Sue Edgcumbe

Sales Manager VIC/TAS/SA

Sue’s nursing background, particularly her experience in diabetes education brings a wealth of knowledge to her position. This is one of the reasons why she loves helping people with T1D and supporting their healthcare professionals to give them the best tools available to help improve the those living with diabetes on a daily basis. One of Sue’s claims to fame is winning ‘The Price is Right’ back in 1995.

Lucy Walczak

Professional Education Specialist/Territory Manager Sydney North

Lucy joined us from the UK where she was a full time rower with a background in nutrition and sports science. As an athlete with T1D, Lucy learnt first-hand how medical technology can be a big help and she loves sharing this knowledge with others. She’s still crazy about rowing and has become a bit of a yoga expert too.

Samantha Oxenham

Territory Manager VIC North

Sam worked as a dietitian and in the food industry before joining the AMSL Diabetes team in 2010. She loves meeting and helping support her customers, their families and their health care professionals. Having T1D herself has taught her to not let anything get in her way, so when she’s not working she loves cycling and even has a black belt in Taekwondo. 

Tamara Mayfield

Territory Manager VIC West

Tamara is extremely passionate about providing her Victorian customers with the best service possible. Tam has personal experience with very close friends with T1D and sees how it can affect families. Tamara labels herself as the ‘giraffe of the team’ and loves a good laugh. If you see Tam out of the field, ask her about falling out of a plane without a parachute!

Natacha Xavier

Territory Manager VIC East

Natacha has worked in the medical device industry for over 15 years looking after a variety of different products. Her very first role was working with patients with diabetes. This has made her passionate about helping patients and making a difference in their lives. Being from Mauritius, she is a beach girl at heart so when she can she loves spending her weekends at the beach with her husband and their two beautiful boys. She also has a keen eye for fashion which can lead her astray.

Ines Gegenhuber

Territory Manager VIC North

Ines completed her Bachelor degree in Health Science (Naturopathy) in 1998 and established her own private practice for 15 years thereafter. Ines specialised in chronic disease management, nutrition, and performance athletes. Since then she has worked in pharmaceutical sales, including insulin, which sparked her passion to work in diabetes. In her spare time, Ines likes to breed, train and compete dressage horses!

Suzanne Turner

Territory Manager TAS

Suzanne joined AMSL in August 2016 after 20 years in the sales field. She brings with her a passion and first hand knowledge of diabetes after raising a daughter with T1D. Her role involves educating HCP’s and patients on Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring.

Jeremy Morris

Territory Manager NSW Central

Jeremy has a range of experience in sales and customer service; previously working in AMSL Diabetes’ Customer Care Team for over two years. Jeremy enjoys communicating with others’ about diabetes; having lived with T1D for over 15 years. When he’s not at work, he’s either watching sport, seeing live bands or spending as much time as possible snowboarding.


Mariana Woods

Territory Manager NSW West

Mariana is originally from Mexico, learnt to speak English in Scotland, studied in America and then joined us from a role in Animas in the UK. Now an Australian at heart, she starts every day with a big grin on her face knowing she is helping people from all walks of lifeaccess the best diabetes management  they can.

Rebecca Hutchison

Territory Manager NSW South/ACT/NT

Bec is one of our most lively team members and a true entertainer at heart. She has been working in diabetes care for over 10 years and loves seeing the difference technology can make in people’s lives. When not working she’ll either be riding horses, dancing, or singing with one of the most impressive voices we’ve heard in a while. 

Marian Day

Territory Manager NSW North

Marian joined AMSL in 2016 after a career in both nursing and business development.  Her role involves working closely with multi-disciplinary diabetes teams and their patients providing education and support with insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. Based in Newcastle, she looks after the Newcastle and NSW North region.

Marnie May

Territory Manager QLD South/Northern NSW

Coming from a nursing and pharmaceutical sales background, Marnie loves engaging with both patients and healthcare professionals alike.  She is passionate about medical technology and knows first hand what a difference it makes in patients’ lives as her son has T1D. When Marnie is not busy working, she enjoys spending time with her family and throwing dinner parities where curry is usually on the menu!

Belinda Hayton

Territory Manager QLD Central

Belinda is passionate about helping people living with T1D – a topic close to her heart. A dedicated member of our team since 2009 she is enthusiastic and devoted to going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. Belinda loves looking for an excuse to renovate her home and we’ve heard she’s not a bad cook.

Jane McCall

Territory Manager QLD North

Jane is a good old kiwi who joined our company in 2013 and is a big fan of all the great people she gets to meet on the job and is committed to supporting her customers to ensure they get the most from their choices. She loves spending time with her two little boys and reckons her husband is OK too. Her whole family is obsessed with the water so the warm Aussie beaches are definitely her thing.

Philippa Garland

Territory Manager WA North

Philippa is a passionate advocate for Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) having working in the diabetes field with Insulin Pump Therapy and CGM for over 4 years. She and her husband have two gorgeous teenage children and they are all active members in their local community with various organisations. If you want to make Philippa smile show her a photo of your Dog!

Dee Keenan

Territory Manager WA South

Dee has worked and supported healthcare professionals and patients in the WA healthcare arena across all sectors, which includes Pharmacy, GP and Hospital Speciality. She is passionate in her commitment to patients and healthcare professionals and looks in the best of people. She has a wonderful capacity to look on the bright side.

Amy Antenucci

Territory Manager SA/Mildura

Coming from a food science and nutrition background, Amy quickly discovered her love for working within the healthcare industry and complete passion for diabetes; seeing patients live life to the fullest through improved glycaemic control. In her spare time, Amy loves to participate in ‘No Lights No Lycra’, a dance craze where you can dance for yourself in the dark, but in a big group! She also has two dogs, Teddy and Charlie, which add much colour to her day.

Customer Care & Marketing Team

Our dedicated Customer Care Team are available 24 hours, 7 days a week to provide technical support for Animas Vibe Insulin Pumps and Dexcom CGM. For all other enquiries please call us between 9am-5pm (EST) Monday to Friday. If you have a technical query on any of these AMSL Diabetes products you can contact us on 1300 851 056.


Customer Care Manager

Emma studied human nutrition at uni before joining AMSL Diabetes in 2010 where she now looks after our customer care team. Emma is super friendly and loves talking to our customers – her own experience with T1D means she’s no stranger to the challenges. She loves the fun atmosphere of the team and is a bit of a practical joker which keeps us on our toes. 


Customer Care Supervisor

Taya’s nursing background brings a wealth of knowledge to her position at AMSL. She is extremely passionate about providing our customers with the best service possible. When she’s not busy working, you can usually hear her singing or entertaining the other members of the customer care team!


AMSL Diabetes Customer Care

Reece has gained lots of experience in customer service having worked in retail for 8 years before joining AMSL. He has a degree in both Anthropology and Biology and still enjoys reading up on academic literature. When he is not at work, you will find him planning his next trip overseas!


AMSL Diabetes Customer Care

Nerrel has been working in Customer Service for over 20 years across various fields, but has found the most satisfaction working in the Medical Industry. She is passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience to every client she interacts with and always thinks of every situation from the customers point of view. Nerrel loves to travel and has visited every continent with South Africa and Antarctica being her all time favourite destinations.



AMSL Diabetes Customer Care

Justin completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Pharmacology and the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney.  He really enjoys talking and communicating with others and has a passion to provide support and guidance when there is an issue at hand. When not at work, Justin is either watching or talking at length about the NBA and playing basketball – a massive passion of his.


AMSL Diabetes Customer Care

Vakaola has 9 years experience in customer service and retail. She loves being a part of the diabetes team and being able to help better people’s lives even in the slightest bit. When Vakaola is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and is an interior and home decor lover.


AMSL Diabetes Customer Care

Cathy has had a range of different roles in tourism and sport and is even a qualified learn to swim teacher! She’s a warm and caring person who loves to do volunteer work and spend time with her family and friends. She loves the satisfaction that she gets from helping our customers and always has a positive attitude.


Marketing Services Manager

Hanin has a background in Biomedical Science and has spent several years in the pharmaceutical and pathology lab environments prior to joining the team. She is multitalented and looks after our diabetes marketing collateral! When she’s not at work you’ll find her designing bits and pieces with the adobe creative suite!


Senior Marketing Associate

Denise is a registered pharmacist and has 8 years experience in community pharmacy. Her pharmaceutical knowledge and experience as a healthcare professional brings a patient focused perspective to the marketing team. When she is not busy working, you’ll find her playing Oztag or jamming on her guitar!


Marketing Associate

Amr completed his Bachelor of Design in 2017, majoring in Integrated Product Design at the University of Technology, Sydney. Amr also has a Diploma in Visual Communication, and has a strong passion for graphic design and creative marketing. In his spare time, Amr enjoys going to the gym, rocking to some heavy metal, and following Manchester United’s footballing exploits.


Events and Marketing Support

Chelsea previously studied Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences and is passionate about all areas of health care. She enjoys working as part of a team to help others. When not at work, Chelsea loves watching stand-up comedy, listening to metalcore and patting any dog she sees.


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